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December Discount: 25% off ALL Jet Global Products!

Jet Global are offering a 25% discount on their entire product range including:

  • 25% off all net new perpetual licenses

  • 25% off all Jet Analytics upgrades

  • 25% off all add-on orders from existing customers (designers, connectors, etc.)

  • 25% off all subscription packages and start-up fee is waived (requires a 12-month term payment in advance)

 How to access these fantastic offers:

Access For Existing Customers

Existing customers can take advantage of subscription promotion by renewing their current Jet subscription for a one-year period paid in advance.


Specifically request the code "WRAPUP" on the quote from the Azzure IT sales team to access the 25% discount, before the 28th December this year!

Choice to Pre-Pay

You can choose to pre-pay up to 3 years in advance, to lock in the promotional price.

Limited Time Only

These offers are only available until the 28th December!
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All built for the Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central Suites.

All have multi-company consolidation, and can merge data from separate companies.

Access to complete business reporting in Microsoft Dynamics.

The Jet Global Product Range

Jet Reports

Naturally, more data sources means more errors, which leads to inaccurate reports, which directly impact your business. Jet Reports helps to remove natural human error., making your businesses data and reporting more accurate, leading to more positive results.

Also, we are aware that not every member of a business is technically savvy, and some team members need to be empowered by technology to make decisions.

Jet Reports Financials

This product is best used in key financial areas of your business, such as account status, profit and loss, budget to actuals, and more. 

It allows you to build custom reports in minutes, with its familiar Excel interface and intuitive design experience.

Its drag-and-drop design is easy to use, and allows clear and full view of your chart of accounts to instantly see your balances. 

It gives real time answers you can rely on, providing you with up-to-the-minute data with a click of a button.

Jet Analytics

Analytics allows you to make critical decisions with accurate and informed information. 

It also lets you run reports from one centralised place, saving time and making it easier. 

Follow this by making informed decisions, and drive profitable change for your business by using clear technology.

Jet Budgets

There are numerous moving parts to the budgeting process that start before you can get the numbers into Dynamics. 

Manual spreadsheets are full of errors and impossible to reconcile. Excel is a familiar tool, but disparate spreadsheets can't be regulated, and compiling the data becomes a full-time job. Avoid the Excel-Mania that leads to mistakes and get fast, accurate budgets that can be seamlessly imported into Dynamics. 

High-value resources are burning time on ineffective tasks. A disorganised approach to budgeting sucks time from managers and executives who should be building and executing strategies, not collecting and reconciling spreadsheets. This poor process leads to inadequate planning exercises that don't get revisited often and which are never optimised. You need easier tools that allow stakeholders to generate budgets in a fraction of time.

Jet Hub

Manual report sharing is compromising data accuracy. Without a centralised hub to track and manager your reports, you never know which version is right. As reports pass through more hands and multiple copies are taking up space all over your servers, network drives and local machines.

The integrity and accuracy of the data in your reports is constantly questioned.

Collaboration across departments is impossible. Data silos only ever lead to one-sided, misinformed business decisions. To get the full picture, you need a single place to retrieve the right reports, get the latest dashboards, or control the input of budget numbers.

When everyone in the company can access the correct information and actively contribute, business decisions become well-timed and highly profitable.

Employees can't access data they need. Whether you're chained to a desk or driving to meet your next customer, you need to be connected to the most up-to-date business information from wherever you are. Without web or mobile access, your employees spend more time and effort manually compiling information instead of taking action.

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