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Save time and increase customer service levels, with electronic document delivery and filing from Zetadocs. This document management application can help automate and streamline business processes too!



Zetadocs for NAV manages the production, delivery and archiving of NAV documents such as orders, invoices and statements. The mailing costs it saves and the earlier collections that result from using Zetadocs means that it offers a compelling return on investment.

The solution can be extended to capture emails, faxes and scanned documents from customers and suppliers. These key documents are stored in an electronic archive and linked automatically to their appropriate transactions in NAV. Delivering faster access than paper files and helping you improve the service you offer.




Dynamics NAV Document Management Software ‘Zetadocs’ is available in different editions depending on the functionality you require – starting with Zetadocs Express which is free of charge to any of our customers.

Express – Drag and Drop document management allowing files and emails to be attached to system records. All data stored in Microsoft SharePoint. Document Approval Workflows to sign-off documents on-screen using SharePoint. Ability to Save & Send documents – sending documents by email and storing a copy in SharePoint.

Capture Essentials – add the ability of batch processing emails and documents using multi-user documents queues.

Capture Plus – adds PDF/A conversion of documents to ISO formats – archiving them with additional metadata, Automated filing of documents, splitting batches using bar code recognition and OCR.

Delivery Essentials – adds the ability of batch sending of documents, overlay and attach logos, letterheads, terms & conditions to outgoing documents.

Delivery Plus – fully customisation allowing you to select attachments to be sent with outgoing documents, tagging of custom metadata, customised business processes, delivery by fax.


Save time and costs by producing, sending, filing, approving and retrieving documents automatically and electronically, rather than manually using paper
Improve customer service by helping your finance, sales and customer services teams respond more quickly to enquiries by having everything on screen
Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting the amount of paper that your company prints, stores and delivers

SharePoint is used for storing documents
Full SharePoint Workflow capability
Can attach documents, files or emails
Batch scanning capability
Reduces carbon footprint
Reduces paper
Improves efficiency
Cuts costs


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