Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP Accounting Suite)


Is it time you switched to Microsoft Dynamics NAV? 

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is a Microsoft business software solution designed specifically for small business. It provides capabilities for finance, manufacturing and the supply chain to connect the different parts of your organisation for improved visibility and control. Microsoft Dynamics NAV are tried and tested in all major sectors and is used by 2 million users worldwide.



Simplify your business with a single solution:
Integrate and centrally store all business data into one system. Having one centralised business system reduces the risk of any errors, and avoids spreading resources over maintaining multiple systems. As a Microsoft product, the solution  integrates fully with Microsoft Office365 and many other systems & addon software. 

Improve productivity:
Automate and keep track of your processes. Improve communication and allocate jobs & tasks. Help people accomplish more every day with a familiar, easy to use interface that is common to Microsoft products.

Make smarter decisions with business intelligence and reporting:
The business analytics, intelligence, and reporting features within Microsoft Dynamics NAV connects employees with each other and to the exact information they need to be most effective.

Role Tailored Client: 
Relevant information and tasks for the various roles within your company are shown directly on your home screen. Everyone from CEO’s to bookkeepers can get reminders and reports most relevant to them, according to their role in the business; a simple, functional and flexible feature that improves personal performance.

Scale your solution:
Starting with just a few users, using our hosted subscription solution would result in a minimal initial outlay, and new users can be added as and when they are needed. This helps you to focus on growing your business without the worry of a large capital investment.

Access Anytime, Anywhere:
Accessible on the move, from anywhere in the world via the MobileNAV app using a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, it is accessible through a web client to allow remote online or offline working. This offers the added advantage of increasing productivity, whilst also providing effective assistance in inventory management, with useful features such as barcode scanning.

Hosted (Cloud) or On-premise:
Available as a traditional on-premise solution that gives you ultimate control over your solution, or hosted online in the cloud to improve flexibility and cut immediate setup costs.