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Future Technology Trends

It would be easy to assume 2017 could be a slow start, in terms of growth and innovation. But the outlook for technology promises to be anything but. As managing director of one of the fastest growing tech firms in the UK, I’ve experienced first-hand how the pace of technological development has taken place at breakneck speed. And while some may be taking a step back, cautious of what’s to come, technology is one industry that show no signs of slowing down.

Future Technology Trends

SMB: Is Your Future in the Cloud?

It has been a common misunderstanding that the cloud has only been created for enterprise level businesses. For small to medium businesses, the added-value that an organisation gains, when adopting a cloud infrastructure, is a great market-place equaliser.

SMB: Is Your Future in the Cloud?

Essential Cash Flow Control for SMB’s

I have witnessed first-hand that the small to medium business community are investing for growth. However, with the constant feed of economic upheaval and Brexit uncertainties, organisations are also working hard to manage their cash closely.

Essential Cash Flow Control for SMB’s

ERP Implementation : 5 Top Tips

For many years there has been a misconception that one of the most difficult and problematic IT upgrades is the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. While most people are aware of the benefits of ERP software in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency, some MDs and IT directors have been wary of it due to a false impression that ERP implementation can be tricky to get right.

ERP Implementation 5 Top Tips

Mobile Working Productivity

The consensus seems to be that understanding why the UK is lagging so far behind other nations such as the US, France and Germany when it comes to productivity is critical to achieving the economic growth the UK needs.

Mobile Working Productivity

The ERP Business Case

Manufacturers have long been used to assessing total cost of ownership when they are evaluating options for equipment and machinery. Fewer however, use the same thinking when making software purchases - despite the ease of application.

ERP Business Case

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