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An overview to the leading
Manufacturing ERP Software Solution

Are you a small to medium sized manufacturing business looking to implement, upgrade or transfer an existing ERP Software Solution?

Here’s a quick overview to industry challenges and enterprise resource planning solution issues facing, small to medium sized, manufacturing businesses. We’ll also explain how Microsoft Dynamics, configured for manufacturing, could tackle these challenges and support business growth.

A guide to Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing
Download: A guide to Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing



If your business is using an existing Software Solution to integrate manufacturing management, production control, quality control with financials, you may be asking yourself whether you now need an end-to-end business solution that can grow and evolve – to support your growth ambitions.

Manufacturing businesses reach a tipping point where the tools that supported their business are now hindering their ability to act with agility and insight.

The good news is, there’s never been a better time to replace an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solution. In our experience, the four core, board-level benefits sought from a manufacturing solution today are:

Productivity: time-saving integration, with swift access to all business data – from a single solution

Financial Control: enabling cost control and smarter buying decisions – opportunities for growth and re-investment

Business Insight: built-in business intelligence and reporting features – that puts data into context, to make swift business decisions

Mobility: connected anytime, anywhere any device – with real-time reporting and collaboration tools


Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

The manufacturing industry is notoriously a difficult industry in which to remain competitive, particularly in the modern, globalised economy. Software such as Dynamics NAV, configured for manufacturing organisations, can be used to overcome common problems facing small to medium manufacturing businesses today.

Changing Consumers: the ability to anticipate demand, predict potential problems and meet changing consumer needs in a profitable manner

Changing Regulations: Change is inevitable, so a business needs easy-to-use software that can adapt quickly to industry changes

Global Sourcing: greater access to markets around the world means, organisations need favourable locations, closer to natural resources

Legacy Systems: organisations using out of date legacy systems are at a distinct disadvantage in a fast paced environment – resources spread over multiple, aging systems

Manual Processes: employees learning and manually updating multiple systems with weak functionality, leads to inefficiency and poor productivity

Global Forces: pressure to do more with less is ever increasing – adjusting to a fast-changing environment & global market place, there’s a need to keep costs down and productivity up

Control Visibility: trouble dealing with complex products, long lead times and routine processes whilst accurately estimating, judging and informing customers on order progress

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