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4 Key ways Digital Transformation can help your manufacturing business



Craig Such of Azzue IT says that if you are one of the small to mid-sized manufacturers in the UK still using pens and paper to track your orders, stock, inventory and deliveries, then soon you’re going to be left behind.

Our research at Azzure IT has found that many manufacturing businesses often reach a tipping point, where the tools that helped them get started are now holding them back – hindering instead of helping them grow and expand as a company.

Using outdated tools to manage finances, orders, stock and delivery in a growing manufacturing business can lead to several big problems, but there is some good news.

The next wave of digital transformation is coming to manufacturing businesses, meaning there has never been a better time to replace your aging and outdated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an affordable, end-to-end business solution that comes straight out the box, ready for immediate use. This means that your manufacturing business does not need to come to a halt to upgrade, and day-to-day work can not only continue, but improve dramatically – meaning overall productivity output can increase, too.

We’ve identified four key areas of your manufacturing business that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve – and how it can do so:


Painstaking manual processes can hamper a business’s potential to grow, as more time is spent manually completing remedial tasks, instead of strategically planning for the future. Employees learning and manually updating multiple systems with weak functionality leads to inefficiency and poor productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows your business to connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer interaction to get an end-to-end view of your business. This can help your business reach optimal output levels, by calculating and optimising manufacturing capacity and resources to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.

Financial Control

Accelerated financial reporting is important to any small to mid-sized business, as streamlining accounts, receivables and payables allows the business to report on financials quickly and accurately. This translates into making smarter buying decisions, which therefore leads to more opportunities for growth and future investment.

Business Central allows your business to create, manage and track customer projects using timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. You can also then develop, modify and control budgets to ensure project profitability.

Business Insight

Built-in business intelligence and reporting features can allow a manufacturing business to optimise its inventory levels to the highest level. Using built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish can help ensure your business never loses track of its stock, and by making the whole business as cost effective as possible, can lead to greater margins being made, and an overall higher profit being achieved.

Business Central makes sure you only purchase what you need, through the use of dynamically updated inventory levels. It also suggests substitutes when requested items are out of stock, meaning your stock never falls behind what you have promised to deliver to customers.

Profitability can also be maximised by getting recommendations on when to pay vendors, when to use vendor discounts and how to avoid overdue payments, meaning that no money is accidentally wasted.


Being a mobile company directly affects how productive you can be. Being able to be connected anytime, anywhere, on any device with real time reporting and collaboration tools allows your business to be active at all times and in all places.

Business Central allows you to get a holistic view of your inventory for efficient order fulfilment, helping you run your warehouse effectively. You can track every item transaction and movement based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.

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