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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and what are the reasons to consider it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management ERP and accounting solution for small and medium sized businesses. Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Business Central enables users to manage all core functions of the business, brought to you by Microsoft, the world leading and most trusted software company. Carry on reading to discover 9 reasons why you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your next ERP and Accounting solution.

#1. Connect all Functions and Operations with Integrated Data and Insights

Business Central connects all operations and provides integration across all business functions. Business Central is used for Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Finance and Manufacturing, but with add-on applications you can get even more functionality dependant on your organisational needs. Using one system enables the effortless flow of data between functions, and gives quick, accurate insights.

#2 Financial Management and Insight Capabilities

Business Central includes a highly sophisticated accounting and Financial management system. It gives users a real insight into cash flow and offers deep analytical capabilities, customer insights and accurate reporting. Furthermore, it includes helpful automations, so you don’t have to repeat manual processes, increasing both efficiency and accuracy.

#3 Adaptations and Integrations

Add-On apps and integrations enhance the functionality and experience of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. With add-on applications you can tailor the Business Central platform to suit your organisational needs and automate many processes. From credit control, delivery courier integration to graphical resource planning and scheduling and HR solutions, there is a wide catalogue of apps available, developed by Azzure IT and our approved partners. The apps integrate perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (and Dynamics NAV) to give users an enhanced and tailored experience of the ERP system.

#4 Hosting Flexibility

Business Central comes with the flexibility to be deployed both on-premises or in the cloud, meaning that there is a solution to meet all budgets and requirements. This makes it the perfect solution for organisations who do not want to have anything on-site, but still want a customisable solution. Deciding how you should host your ERP system depends on a variety of factors, but it mainly boils down to budget, business capabilities and business needs. For example, if an organisation does not have the infrastructure or budget to maintain a private cloud or on-premises hardware, Business Central can be deployed using Microsoft’s public cloud (Azure), which significantly reduces maintenance and upkeep costs without compromising on security. However, organisations that deal with extra sensitive information such as governments and those in the banking industry often opt for an extra layer of protection through an on-premises deployment, or with a private cloud. This deployment costs more through set-up and maintenance, but it means they have an extra level of control, security, and flexibility with their system.

#5 Analytics and Intuition

Microsoft Dynamics makes excellent use of business analysis and artificial intelligence through Microsoft’s Power BI, allowing users to visualise and analyse business data like never before. Users can quickly and effortlessly create dashboards and reports with instantly accessible data, allowing them to make quick and accurate decisions and gain a full insight into company data. You can read more about Power BI, its capabilities and benefits here.

#6 Business Central Grows with Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to scale perfectly around your business. The model allows organisations to only pay for the functions and licenses that are needed, making it both cost effective and effortless to scale up (or down) when necessary.

#7 User Friendly System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central features a user friendly and familiar interface, which can be effortlessly used by anyone within the business. With personalised dashboards, users can see relevant data and insights, and

#8 Cost Efficient ERP System

Business Central is cost effective without compromise on quality. The SaaS (subscription) model means that businesses get greater flexibility in terms of licensing and only pay for the licenses they need. Furthermore, because Business Central (and the add-on apps and integrations) manages all core functions, it eliminates the need for many other systems, such as financial and accounting management systems.

#9 Security

Data protection and cyber security is an ongoing battle. We hear too frequently in the news that another organisations data has been compromised, and it can only be expected to worsen as companies rely more often on cloud-based systems and software. However, the cloud-hosted version of Microsoft Dynamics 356 Business Central uses Azure AD as an authentication method, which is automatically configured and managed, meaning that you can rest assured the security is all taken care of and up-to-date.

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