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Add-On Apps for Microsoft Business Central/NAV

Add-On Apps enhance the functionality and experience of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft NAV.

We have developed a range of our own, custom-develop Add-On Apps to enhance and extend our customers’ Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and these can be found below.

We also work closely with our third-party providers to provide the absolute best Microsoft Dynamics solutions for our customers.

Azzure IT Developed Add-On Apps

Azzure IT Credit Control Add On App

Credit Control

The Azzure IT Credit Control Add-On App gives you greater control of your outstanding finances. It allows your credit controllers and bookkeepers to chase any outstanding payments, and make sure that your business is on top of its finances.

To see how this could help your business, click below.

Credit Control App

Azzure IT Delivery Courier Integration Add On App

Delivery Courier Integration

The Azzure IT Delivery Courier Integration Add-On App helps streamline your business’s delivery processes.

When processing orders, you can now choose the carrier you want to use, and the Azzure IT Courier Integration module will then upload the consignment directly to them, without needing to leave your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

Courier Integration App

Azzure IT Hire Add On App


Azzure IT’s Hire module provides businesses with a full, centralised view of all their stock available to be hired or sold. The Hire module streamlines the item hiring process by fully automating time-consuming manual tasks, from initial order through to invoicing and reporting. It takes the time and effort out of the hiring process, and lets your people work smarter.


Hire Module

Azzure IT Magento 2 eCommerce Connector Add On App

Magento 2 eCommerce Connector

The Azzure IT Magento 2 eCommerce Connector automatically creates sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365, speeding up your manual sales processes, making their lives much simpler.

It also uploads sales shipment documents and tracking information to Magento when shipping goods.

Magento 2 eCommerce Integrator

Azzure IT Quality Management Add On App

Quality Management Software

Azzure IT’s Quality Management Software module provides customers with a fully configurable application within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

It lets them create and manage inspection checklists, assign inspections based on users or teams, and manage failed products through a quarantine and non-conformance process.

Quality Management Software

Azzure IT Sales Order Entry Add On App

Quick Sales Order Entry

The Azzure IT Quick Order Entry module makes it quicker and easier for Sales Order Processors to create sales orders in their Microsoft Dynamics solution, for customers who regularly order the same or similar items.

The module also helps your people make more informed decisions on the price an item can be sold for, how much they can discount items for and what quantities of items have been purchased in the past.

Quick Sales Order Entry

Azzure IT Shop Floor Data Capture Add On App

Shop Floor Data Capture

Azzure IT’s Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) module records exactly what is happening on your shop floor. It allows users to clock on and clock off of production orders, start, stop and pause operation, and allows them to record the amount of time taken to complete an operation.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Azzure IT WhosOff Integration Add On App

WhosOff Integrator

Azzure IT’s WhosOff Integrator works perfectly with your business’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV solution, and integrates seamlessly into your solution, with no need to leave Business Central to access WhosOff.

WhosOff Integrator

Third-Party Apps

ClickDimensions add on app



ClickDimensions is a powerful marketing automation solution natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. It brings together sales and marketing for bigger business wins, and its marketing automation solution includes essential tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web forms, landing pages and much more.



Codeless Platforms add on app

Codeless Platforms

Codeless Platforms have developed a number of extended applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise to facilitate the automation of business process rapidly through drag and drop technology.

If your business could benefit from automated business processes and a higher level of agility, click the link below.


Codeless Platforms

Dime.Scheduler Add on App


Allocate resources to the tasks that need them. Dime.Scheduler is a graphical resource planning and scheduling tool made specifically for Microsoft Dynamics. It is a unique horizontal add-on that extends your solution and becomes part of the business process and workflows.

If your business could benefit from graphical planning and scheduling, click the link below.



Jane HR Add On App

Jane HR

Jane are specialists in Human Resources and Payroll solutions, and offer market leading systems encompassing Recruitment, Talent & Performance Management and Learning & Development.

Each of these elements works effectively as a stand-alone item, and they work even more effectively as an integrated human resources management system, and could help your business take full control of its human resources.


Jane HR

Jet Global Add on App

Jet Global

Jet Global are the market leaders in Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. They are devoted to enabling decisions for executives, finance professionals, and managers by providing unparalleled, secure access to their data.

Jet’s solutions are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users.


Jet Global

Miracle HR and Payroll Add on App

Miracle HR and Payroll

Miracle seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central, with payroll and HR solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce administrative workloads and improve accuracy. Their applications are backed up by a range of professional services experts experience with qualified, experienced payroll and HR practitioners.


Miracle HR and Payroll

MobileNAV Add on App


MobileNAV is the ultimate mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. MobileNAV helps organisations to bring all of their processes and data, stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365, to the place where real business happens, around their business and out in the field.





Netronic Visual Production Scheduler Add on App


The Netronic Visual Jobs Scheduler is a fully integrated add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It visualises jobs, job tasks and job planning lines and resources and allows intuitive drag & drop project scheduling.

The VJS provides the user with an interactive project and resource schedule, and is based on the Dynamics NAV standard functionality and can get installed without changing any existing NAV object.



Spindle Document Distribution Add on App

Spindle Document Distribution

Spindle Document Distribution is an outbound document management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing businesses to simplify and improve their business processes.

With one click, Spindle Document Distribution sends documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print. It stores them for easy access, freeing up time and saving your business money.


Spindle Document Distribution

Zetadocs Add on App


The Zetadocs suite of add-on apps have been created to save time and increase customer service levels with electronic document delivery and filing. This document management application can help automate and streamline business processes too.



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