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Dime.Scheduler is the graphical resource planning and scheduling tool of choice. The main purpose of the scheduler is to plan to allocate resources to a certain task. It also excels in integrating planning into business processes and industry solutions.

Resource is a general term for people and equipment:

People are assigned to perform certain tasks and equipment is assigned to allow people to perform the tasks assigned to them. People can be service technicians, salespeople, help-desk employees, consultants etc.

Examples of equipment are machinery, tools, replacement vehicles, hotel rooms, and office & exhibition material.

All in One

With Dime.Scheduler everything can be a resource and anything can be a task.

Have you ever thought about scheduling resources from Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM in one planning solution? Have you ever thought about scheduling tasks from different functional areas in one planning solution?

Dime.Scheduler brings together your planning data from multiple locations, companies, business units, databases and instances.

Control is Yours

With Dime.Scheduler you implement planning functionality into business processes, standard or custom.

You add graphical resource planning to your vertical solution without leaving Microsoft Dynamics. You adapt Dime.Scheduler to your customers with colours, indicators, customisable captions in any language and a personal layout of the user interface.

It doesn’t stop after planning a task as a continuous interaction with the business processes updates the plan board in real-time showing the status and progress of the process or source document.

These updates are shown immediately, instantly on every screen, without a refresh button.

For more information about Dime.Scheduler, visit their website.

Dime.Scheduler Brochure Download

Download the Dime.Scheduler brochure here to see if it can help your business take back control of its scheduling:

Graphical plan board component with multiple views

Drag & drop planning

Time bar navigation

Assign tasks to multiple resources

Define recurring patterns in Outlook

Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups

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