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Jet Analytics is a unique system that offers full reporting as well as business intelligence that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Data is pulled from your ERP system and other databases into a data warehouse that is specifically tuned and optimised for reporting and analysis performance.

This design was developed to increase the reach of your business intelligence and reporting platform to your entire organisation and beyond because it eliminates any need to understand the underlying data structure in order to build sophisticated dashboards, advanced reports, or query all your business information for answers on the fly.

Best of all, because the reporting and business intelligence from all your sources of data comes from a single place, strategic decisions can be made quickly, from one version of the truth, from the same information that is being used to run the organisation. This reduces the risk of different people in the organisation making decisions using the wrong data, which could be catastrophic.

Jet Analytics is a suite of products, made up of the Jet Data Manager and Jet Dashboard Builder.

Jet Data Manager

The purpose of Jet Data Manager is the enable you to create and maintain a complete data warehouse solution with as little effort as possible. To achieve this, Jet Data Manager employs Data Warehouse Automation techniques to automate the tedious parts of work.

Jet Dashboard Builder

The Jet Analytics Dashboard Builder enables licensed designers to create custom dashboards and publish them to the Jet Web Portal so everyone can stay informed and connected on-the-go.

Jet Analytics Brochure

Are you ready to connect your business like never before?

Download the full Jet Analytics brochure here and see exactly how it can benefit your business today:

Complete business intelligence and reporting.

Fully configurable security.

Unlimited database size.

Highest level of performance.

Collaborative online sharing and publishing portal.

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