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Work smarter, not harder with Jet Hub, an online collaborative BI and data sharing solution which allows you to run, share, download and schedule all of the reports coming from your other add-ons, from wherever you are.

The Hub is an online collaborative business intelligence and data sharing solution that provides you with easy access to all the right data in your business from anywhere in the world. Online collaboration, control and publishing for all of your reports, dashboards and budgets from one place.

How Can Jet Hub Help My Business?

Take control of your report management, scheduling and online cross-functional collaboration. It is an online portal that easily integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution.

Manual Report Sharing is Compromising Data Accuracy

Without a centralised hub to track and manage your reports, you never know which version is right. As reports pass through more hands and multiple copies are taking up space all over your servers, network drives and local machines – the integrity and accuracy of the data in your reports is constantly questioned.

With Jet Hub, you never need to second guess your Dynamics data again. Report management, collaboration and a scheduling tool help you enhance productivity. It’s easy to use, quick to implement and a proven time saver.

Collaboration Across Departments is Impossible

Data silos only ever lead to one-sided, misinformed business decisions. To get the full picture, you need a single place to retrieve the right reports, get the latest dashboards, or control the input of budget numbers. When everyone in the company can access the correct information and actively contribute, business decisions become well-timed and highly profitable. This is do-able with an online collaboration tool, like Jet Hub.

Employees Can’t Access The Data They Need

Whether you’re chained to a desk or driving to meet your next customer, you need to be connected to the most up-to-date business information from wherever you are. Without web or mobile access, your employees spend more time and effort manually compiling information instead of taking action.

Jet Hub Brochure

Are you ready to connect your business like never before?

Download the full Jet Hub brochure here and see exactly how it can benefit your business today:

Productivity from anywhere

Controlled spreadsheet management

Find what you need, when you need it

Online collaboration, control and publishing of reports

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