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The Miracle HR & Payroll applications seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central, with payroll and HR solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce administrative workloads and improve accuracy. The set of applications are backed up by a range of professional services with qualified, experienced payroll and HR practitioners.

Based on the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central product suite an intended to plug the HR functionality gap, Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll from Miracle will seamlessly integrate into any installation using the same database, and will simply appear as another option on the Dynamics NAV/BC menu.

Miracle Pay is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On Premise and seamlessly integrates into new or existing solutions. Miracle utilise the same database and Miracle Pay will simply appear as another option on the Microsoft Business Central menu. It is a fully integrated payroll solution which is designed to help users increase their productivity, reduce administrative workloads and improve accuracy.

Miracle Pay is an effective payroll solution that gives businesses the tools to understand and manage the payroll cost more effectively. Payroll departments can quickly become accountable to the rest of the business providing planning, analysis, and financial reporting information. Miracle’s solution also allows flexible data capture which provides management with the necessary information for their reporting requirements.

As a highly intelligent HR solution, Miracle People enables the proactive collation interpretation, management and reporting of employee information across teams, companies, locations and departments. Miracle’s ‘best of breed’ applications will provide everything you need to realise the full potential of your employees. Miracle’s functionality is extensive in the HR arena and Miracle understand your staff are crucial to the successful performance of your business, managing and developing them efficiently is vital.

Ultimately, Miracle People has been designed to maximise the value of your human resources, giving you complete control. Their continued development programme and commitment to understand changes in legislation means their products are kept up to date. Day to day HR tasks can become simplified, more efficient and quicker ensuring errors are kept to a minimum. Their reporting tools will give management meaningful information at the click of a button, providing greater accountability and alerts to inconsistencies.

Miracle Time is a powerful solution designed to give the end-user a comprehensive tool to control employee time and attendance data. Miracle Time is just an element of the Miracle total HR solution and can operate as a standalone module or as part of the complete HR suite. The solution is fully integrated and provides seamless integration between Miracle Pay Enterprise and Miracle People. The benefits of an integrated solution are measurable and the integration between modules means less data duplication, streamlined data input and a greatly reduced probability of errors.

One of the biggest costs to the UK businesses today is staff absence. Having a time and attendance system will assist in monitoring staff absences ensuring they are visible, which in turn should help reduce absences. Miracle Time will help to increase the productivity of a business as traditional methods of tracking time are labour intensive. Furthermore, accuracy will be greatly improved and the number of errors decreased.

Offering flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements, Miracle can help businesses offer their clients a complete and efficient service. The Miracle Umbrella solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which provides a flexible and intuitive platform. Users will be familiar with the Microsoft look and feel. The functionality covers agency management, bureau processing, timesheets and expense processing. The software is modular, you only buy what you need depending on the size and complexity of your organisation.

Miracle’s Umbrella solutions cover the following modules:

  • Miracle Pay – Miracle’s fully integrated NAV Payroll solution, designed to help users increase their productivity and improve accuracy.
  • Miracle Timesheets – Easy to use timesheet functionality to track employee and project time providing accurate and timely records.
  • Miracle Bureau – Our solution allows you to manage a bureau in a flexible manner and run multiple payrolls as a single entity.
  • Miracle Agency – Miracle Agency is specifically designed for the recruitment industry, offering solutions for complex payroll requirements.

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