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The Netronic Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) is a fully integrated add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It visualises jobs, job tasks and job planning lines and resources and allows intuitive drag & drop project scheduling.

The VJS provides the user with an interactive project and resource schedule, and is based on the Dynamics Business Central standard functionality and can get installed without changing any existing Business Central object.

Though Gantt charts play an important role in many time-orientated planning processes, the role-tailored version of Dynamics Business Central lack graphic planning support. This application has a fully integrated .NET add-in for the role-tailored version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central called the Netronic Visual Production Scheduler (VPS).

Better Understanding

See production orders, routings, dependencies, due dates, resource workloads and bottle necks at one glance. All graphs are interactive, so that you can take corrective actions with simple mouse clicks immediately.

Increased Operational Agility

This transparency yields operational agility and enables Business CentralĀ  users to quickly react when things go unplanned. As a result, capabilities are better utilised, delivery time commitments are stronger and customer satisfaction increases.

Shortest Return on Investment

Users do not need extensive training to work with the VPS, and it is not required to invest into data quality. Hence, customers can start immediately after setting up the programme.

Netronic Visual Production Scheduler Download

Download the full Netronic Visual Production Scheduler brochure here to see if it can help your business take back control of its scheduling.

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