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Credit Control

The Azzure IT Credit Control module givers you greater control of your outstanding finances. It allows your credit controllers and bookkeepers to chase any outstanding payments, and make sure that your business is on top of its finances.

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Delivery Carrier Integration

The Azzure IT Delivery Carrier Integration module helps streamline your business’s delivery processes.

When processing orders, you can now choose the carrier you want to use, and the Azzure IT Carrier Integration module will then upload the consignment directly to them, without needing to leave your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.


Azzure IT’s Hire module provides businesses with a full, centralised view of all their stock available to be hired or sold. The Hire module streamlines the item hiring process by fully automating time-consuming manual tasks, from initial order through to invoicing and reporting. It takes the time and effort out of the hiring process, and lets your people work smarter.

Magento 2 eCommerce Integrator

The Azzure IT Magento 2 eCommerce Connector automatically creates sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365, speeding up your manual sales processes, making their lives much simpler.

It also uploads sales shipment documents and tracking information to Magento when shipping goods.

Quality Management Software

Azzure IT’s Quality Management Software module provides customers with a fully configurable application within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

It lets them create and manage inspection checklists, assign inspections based on users or teams, and manage failed products through a quarantine and non-conformance process.

Quick Sales Order Entry

The Azzure IT Quick Order Entry module makes it quicker and easier for Sales Order Processors to create sales orders in their Microsoft Dynamics solution, for customers who regularly order the same or similar items.

The module also helps your people make more informed decisions on the price an item can be sold for, how much they can discount items for and what quantities of items have been purchased in the past.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Azzure IT’s Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) module records exactly what is happening on your shop floor. It allows users to clock on and clock off of production orders, start, stop and pause operation, and allows them to record the amount of time taken to complete an operation.

WhosOff Integrator

Azzure IT’s WhosOff Integrator works perfectly with your business’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV solution, and integrates seamlessly into your solution, with no need to leave Business Central to access WhosOff.