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Quality Management Software

Azzure IT’s Quality Management Software module provides customers with a fully configurable application within their Microsoft Dynamics solution, to create and manage inspection checklists, assign inspections based on user or teams, and manage failed products through a quarantine and non-conformance process.

These inspections can be applied to operation in process, goods inward, goods out, quality auditing and documentation checking. This Quality Management Software module also seamlessly integrates with Azzure IT’s Shop Floor Data Capture module, offering additional benefits to that software to help streamline and improve your shop floor production processes.

The Quality Management Software module shows you pass or fail inspections, which are based on inspection questionnaires or checklists, and allow you to automate your inspection process. Any failed items highlighted during these inspections are automatically assigned to a quarantine area, and by automating this process, more time is saved and can be better put to use elsewhere.

Non-conformance reports are automatically raised for failed items, eliminating a previously manual task. Reports are also provided on any outstanding stock items, in the quarantine area, which require further testing. Creating these reports gives you and your business increased visibility, and lets you know which stock items still require more testing before being ready.

Azzure IT’s Quality Management module is fully built within and designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, and is a fully configurable system for your business. It allows your business to control and manage quality across a range of modules. Quality Management ensures that only the highest quality products will reach your customers, and it will automatically detect and remove any items that aren’t up to scratch.

Azzure IT Quality Management Module Brochure

Are you ready to ensure quality runs through your business like never before?

Download the full Quality Management module brochure here and see exactly how it can benefit your business today:

Non-conformance reports are automatically generated for failed items

The easy-to-use setup wizard creates basic inspection rules for you

Completed inspections are automatically moved to default bin locations.

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