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Shop Floor Data Capture

Azzure IT’s Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) module records exactly what is happening on the shop floor. It allows users to clock on and clock off production orders, start, stop and pause operations, and allows them to record the amount of time taken to complete an operation.

The benefit to your company is that this will allow for the entry of data to be at the source, reducing margin for error. Also, this is available to the end user on mobile devices allowing use anytime, anywhere.

The Shop Floor Data Capture module allows you to display a fully filtered list of all your business’s current operations. This list allows you to see all active operations for this production order, and which member of your team is doing what.

The Work Centre lets your people return all current operations, or return just the operation needed and scan it in from a barcode reader.

Shop Floor Data Capture Brochure

Are you ready to connect your shop floor like never before?

Download the full Azzure IT Shop Floor Data Capture module brochure here and see exactly how it can benefit your business today:

Log non-conformance during an operation

Clock off on any device

Submit output on any operation

See the full details of all your operations.

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