Simplifying Dynamics with Jet Reports

Having the ability to make quick, informed decisions is essential to a business. Jet Reports is the original Microsoft Dynamics Excel add-in that allows Business Central users to pull together fast, financial and business reporting inside of Microsoft Excel from all live Microsoft Dynamics operational data, in the format that works for you.

No matter where you are, Jet Reports functionality can pull extensive business reports and financial statements with ease. It can also help automate your manual processes and open the door to new avenues of data management and financial reporting. This helps minimise time spent on data management and financial reporting.

Jet Reports allows your management team to view key performance metrics across all areas of your company in real-time with live updates. Your sales team can easily build product sheets that allow the company to instantly update current prices and specifications.

Among an extensive list of benefits that come with Jet Reports is the ability to eliminate errors. Jet Reports pulls data directly into Excel, so you feel confident you’re getting the right data and workbook. Furthermore, it’s quick and easy to begin building reports immediately in a collaboration and publishing platform.

In addition, Jet Reports also helps maximise your business’ ROI. With pre-built templates and data warehouse dashboards, you can create your reports quickly, saving time and giving you valuable business insights within minutes.

Jet Reports has a low cost of ownership with a customisation platform that is 5x faster than manual coding. It also has complete Data Warehouse Automation and is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics, connecting seamlessly to Microsoft SQL database.

Jet Reports is designed specifically for Business Users. You can view data inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI for analytics in a familiar environment, as well as being able to access dashboards and reports on the go from a mobile device. It’s the ideal solution to achieve advanced operational and financial reporting inside of Excel with integration into your existing solutions.

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Why Clean and Organised Data Is So Important for Your Business’ Growth

When it comes to business growth, there are a number of aspects that will contribute to the rate that your business will expand. One of the key areas that will impact this is the way your business organises its data.

Although the task can be time-consuming, ensuring your company’s data is clean and organised can have a significant impact on the growth. If, for example, the data your company is storing is of poor quality, the decisions made based on that data can have a negative impact further down the line. This can happen across all sectors of a business from finance to service.

Inaccurate data can have a negative impact on businesses, especially when it comes to customer relationships. Low-quality data can often result in customers and prospects receiving information that isn’t relevant or of interest to them, which can lead to your business being flagged as spam.

Data cleansing can help businesses minimise the amount of low-quality data that they store. By removing or modifying any incorrect, inaccurate, duplicated or unnecessary data, you are achieving higher data integrity which is key for staff members when they make decisions or take actions based on the data to hand.

High-quality data must be accurate, consistent, valid and complete. Ensuring phone numbers are the same across multiple sets of data is important, as well as cross-referencing this with names, email addresses and any other information you have stored for a particular account.

The use of high-quality data can drive faster customer acquisition. Having accurate data on prospects and current customers can help businesses target marketing to specific groups and build stronger relationships that ultimately result in a higher volume of sales.

Decision-making is improved when staff members are supplied with accurate, high-quality data. There is less room for error when data is accurate, as well as a higher chance of decisions and tasks that are a result of looking at data being a success.

Furthermore, high-quality data can save resources. Having a regular data cleanse and removing any incorrect or unwanted data can speed up processing times and also save memory space. Not only this, but it also saves staff members time and boosts productivity. Fewer minutes are spent searching through large amounts of meaningless data, meaning more time can be spent on tasks that will benefit the growth and success of your business.

Why Project Planning Is Crucial To Success

Having a detailed and robust plan is often the backbone that carries you to success when it comes to campaigns. It can often be a time-consuming task, and many project managers may skip over the step to save time. However, You shouldn’t overlook the importance of having a structured plan.

The main benefit of project planning is the increase in quality of performance and the likelihood of success. One of the biggest reasons for the failure of projects is team members not doing their jobs properly, which can be to do with confusion of roles and responsibilities. If staff members aren’t given clear instructions before the project launch, wires can often get crossed, resulting in poor performance. Having a clear project plan lowers the likelihood of team members being unsure of their responsibilities or unclear on deadlines, increasing the chances of success in the long run.

Furthermore, planning increases the quality of communication across the team. Not only does it allow staff to understand their roles and responsibilities appropriately, but it also allows them to understand the importance of everybody’s contribution. If one person may be falling behind on their part, other team members will be able to give them a helping hand with their workload if needed.

Project planning doesn’t just benefit team members knowing their tasks, it also allows you to have a clear outline of costs and materials required for the project. By having this information already mapped out, it stops you from overspending in areas where it’s unnecessary, as well as going over budget on tools and resources you don’t need. This contributes to the overall success of the project by ensuring you are set to profit as much as possible without excessive spends.

Similarly, planning allows you to conduct a full risk assessment of your project. By doing this, you are preparing yourself and your team with the knowledge on how to overcome any risks or issues that may occur during the project. This saves time in the long run and increases productivity among team members as they are already equipped with the information on how to solve any problems and keep the project on track for success.

Planning also gives you the option to set milestones for team members to aim for throughout the project. By identifying these points in the planning and preparation stage, team members have clear goals to aim for that will help to keep everybody on track towards delivering a successful project.

In conclusion, having a solid plan is a crucial element when it comes to success. It provides clear direction for team members and eliminates the risk of unclear objectives, poor management, and wasting valuable resources.

Quality Management Software by Azzure IT for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Azzure IT‘s Quality Management Software app provides customers with a fully configurable application within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, to create and manage inspection checklists, assign inspections based on user or teams, and manage failed products through a quarantine and non-conformance process. These inspections can be applied to operations in process, goods inward, goods out, quality auditing and documentation checking.

Our Quality Management Software app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a variety of features designed specifically to enhance the performance of your business and reduce the time spent on each task, while still ensuring high-quality performance. This app shows you pass or fail inspections, which are based on inspection questionnaires or checklists, and allow you to automate your inspection process. To streamline the process, any failed items are automatically highlighted during these inspections and are assigned to a quarantine area.

To further provide your staff with detailed insights to help enhance business processes, reports are also provided on any outstanding stock items, in the quarantine area, which require further testing. Creating these reports gives you and your business increased visibility, and lets you know which stock items still require more testing before being ready.

Any reports that get created are not posted until inspection records are completed. Preventing this process from being completed until after the inspection records are completed reduces room for error and thus, leads to less time wasted on fixing any mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Azzure IT’s Quality Management Software app is fully built within and designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is a fully configurable system for your business. It allows your business to control and manage quality across a range of modules. Quality Management ensures that only the highest quality products will reach your customers, and it will automatically detect and remove any items that aren’t up to scratch.

If you’re looking to save time, money and resources, Azzure IT’s Quality Management Software application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ideal choice to integrate seamlessly into your existing system to further enhance the way your business works.

Our Quality Management Software application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available on Microsoft AppSource, here.

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ERP On A Tight Budget – The QuickStart Approach To Microsoft Dynamics 365

The world of ERP can seem daunting. With so many factors to consider when choosing the solution that best fits your business, it isn’t easy to know where to start, especially if you’re running on a tight budget.

ERP solutions can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, which isn’t within every business price range. At Azzure, we believe that ERP doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Quickstart from Azzure IT gives small businesses an easy entry point into the world of ERP. Instead of spending months implementing and investing tens of thousands of pounds, you can get up and running with an industry-leading solution to tie all your departments and processes together in days and weeks, rather than months and years, at a fraction of the price.

Quickstart is ideal for smaller, growing businesses where employees are working across multiple sectors of the company. Business Central allows employees to do more with fewer resources. It provides a flexible, scalable platform designed to grow with your business and cater to increased duties.

Your Quickstart journey begins with an initial phone call with one of our consultants. From this call, they’ll be able to suggest the right Quickstart solution for your business and get the ball rolling.

From there, a member of our team will walk you through a remote 30–90-minute demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. This demonstration will show you all key aspects of the solution and anything specifically relevant to your business that had been identified in the initial phone call.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Previously known as NAV Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern, state of the are ERP and Accounting solution, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Moving forward, a 30-day free trial will be offered to you. You can skip this step if you choose to, but it’s a great way to get a feel for the system and see whether it’s the right fit for you. You will have the full support of our consultants throughout this stage to help with any queries you may have.

Moving forward, a 30-day free trial will be offered to you. You can skip this step if you choose to, but it’s a great way to get a feel for the system and see whether it’s the right fit for you. You will have the full support of our consultants throughout this stage to help with any queries you may have.

Implementation times can be as quick as 7 to 10 days from the initial consultation to your go-live date, depending on the solution you require, as well as the amount of additional training you feel your team needs.

We understand that small businesses don’t always have the budget to spend on additional training from our consultants, so Azzure IT offers our customers regular free training sessions throughout the year. We have also created a portal with training videos and resources so that you can get the most out of your system in the shortest amount of time.

If you have a tight budget and timescale and need a high-quality ERP system implemented in your business quickly, Quickstart is the solution for you.

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What Makes Azzure IT Different to Other Microsoft Partners

At Azzure IT, we strive to set ourselves apart from other businesses in our industry. We take pride in the high level of customer service we provide and the thought and care that goes into every project we undertake. Our client success rates are high because we take a different approach to what you may typically find.

Unlike a lot of Microsoft Partners out there, we are open, honest and want the best for your business. We never overcomplicate any scenario as an excuse to upsell. We are transparent from start to finish and work hard to maximise the return you will see from working with us.

Nobody else has quite the level of Microsoft Dynamics expertise we do, from the sales team right through to the delivery team. Our knowledge and commitment to your success give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands, and your Microsoft Dynamics project will be delivered to the highest standard by the people who know best.

We only employ the best-in-class consultants to handle your project, which we trust to deliver our services in line with our ISO:9001 Quality Standard.

On top of that, our flexible finance options can help you build the cost of projects into operating expenses instead of justifying a CAPEX investment.

Our UK-based support team are there for you whenever you need, working from 8 AM-6 PM on weekdays, as well as out of hours upon request. Our customer success department also works as an extension of your team to meet your business objectives. Your success is just as important to us as it is to you.

We like to put the people first. Whether it is the internal employee benefits scheme, extra birthday annual leave, or any other exciting perks that come within the package of working at Azzure, we pride ourselves on the company culture we have.

The Azzure IT Senior Management team have cultivated a ‘people-first’ approach to building the business. This can be seen in the supportive day-to-day interaction between the leadership team and the company and the Management Teams’ response to the COVID crisis when the UK government brought in measures in March 2020. We ensured all staff members were equipped to work from home, accompanied by a considerable focus on staff mental health and wellbeing in these uncertain times.

With over 3,000 delivered days equating to near 25,000 hours of consultancy along with an industry-leading +55 Net Promoter Score within our sector, it is a testament to our customers being pleased with the world-class service we strive to provide.

It is clear to our associates and customers that staff members here are continuously supported and praised for their efforts in contributing to the thriving market leader of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that is Azzure IT.

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