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Azzure IT’s Q2 Go-Lives


The second quarter of 2019 was a very successful one for Azzure IT, with nine new customer go-lives with their new Microsoft Dynamics solutions. This quarter has seen three different types of solution being implemented across an eclectic mix of companies, including not for profit foundations, gyms and manufacturing companies.

NAV 2017 Go-Lives

Azzure facilitated one Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 implementation this quarter, with a leading distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment, glass blowing products and specialised glass components for the industrial, laboratory and research markets. This business has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of precision glass materials for industry, laboratory and research companies.

They originally engaged with Azzure IT after it became apparent that their previous X Suite solution was not up to the task of managing their business moving forward, and couldn’t support their ambitious growth plans. Their new Dynamics NAV solution will offer the business a robust, scalable and solid foundation to grow their business from.

NAV 2018 Go-Lives

2019’s second quarter saw Azzure IT implement five Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2019 solutions, with the first of these being with a registered charity and company established to provide and promote community support, recreational and arts services. This business was looking to accurately record their financial entries and produce accurate financial reports, and thanks to their new Dynamics solution, this is now possible. Additional benefits of the solution to this company include the ability to accurately place purchase orders with their suppliers, and accurately account and record for VAT.

The second NAV 2018 go-live of 2019 involved a popular hotel group, who were running their business on a number of disparate systems, which lead to significant problems. This business first engaged with Azzure IT due to the disconnect within their business and that sales and inventory information are being duplicated with a risk that potentially different information is being held on both systems about an individual account. Thanks to their new Dynamics NAV solution, a seamless process from start to finish has been created with the information flowing from their front end offering into the back office. This will fundamentally improve their reporting and provide a scalable solution to the business.

The third project to go live was completed with a leading assembler and distributer of medical pressure care related products. This business were previously on a combination of spreadsheets and a Sage 50 solution. They were very keen to replace this solution, and were looking for a new system to reduce their manual effort and improve their visibility through their business. They were also looking to improve their reporting structure and improve their supply chain management and finance functions.

The fourth NAV 2018 go live involved a privately-owned organisation providing products and services to the cleaning and hygiene market. Their previous system included a Sage 50 solution, Act CRM and Quotewerks, plus lots of external spreadsheets, creating a lot of manual effort and data duplication that leads to errors and potential customer service issues. Their previous systems and processes were inhibiting the growth of their business and as such, senior management decided to go to the market and eventually chose to work with Azzure IT, and implemented a new Dynamics NAV solution.

The final Dynamics NAV 2018 go live of 2019’s second quarter saw Azzure IT work with a rapidly growing business building plastic and metal addictive manufacturing parts. Profitable growth is the key goal for this business, who are looking to become a larger scale manufacturing business with more repeat production that will see them physically move to a larger site. To support this growth vision, they had a desire to implement a fully scalable ERP solution that can deliver best practice, while remaining configurable. They found this solution in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and chose to partner with Azzure IT to see this growth come to fruition.

Business Central Cloud Go-Lives

As 2019 continues on, the trend of more and more companies moving towards the cloud is becoming more frequent, and the three Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud go-lives completed by Azzure IT this quarter is a testament to that.

The first cloud Dynamics solution to go live was with a public limited company dedicated to improving the sustainability of water intensive industrial and domestic processes. This project was dedicated to the setup of this business’s core finance system and approval process, and they will also be using the system for inventory management. This company was looking for a step up from their previous Sage 50 solution, which was restricting their ability to operate effectively. As a result of this project, they will have a complete accounting solution that also allows them to manage inventory.

The second Business Central Cloud go live involved a not for profit organisation focused around helping disabled children and adults in a number of areas, including rehabilitation services, education or mobility solutions. The objective of this project was to enable this organisation to work more proactively as an organisation with a more regimented process behind the way they want to go about their day to day business. These goals were achieved by implementing a Business Central, cloud hosted solution.

The final go-live of Q2 was a rapidly expanding group of companies that run a series of gyms worldwide, investing in an end to end Business Central Cloud solution. This business required a solution that would enable them to scale, whilst improving efficiencies and introducing more robust controls. Due to their rapid growth, they required a scalable solution. The solution provided by Azzure IT will help them manage their accounts across multiple entities in different countries. They will also be able to switch between companies and perform consolidation, which in their previous Sage system, was incredibly cumbersome.


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