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Better customer experiences are top of Services companies priority


Customers’ expectations for service have risen to include a seamless and consistent customer experience regardless of which communication channels or touch-points they use throughout their journeys — but the prevalence of disparate applications and data silos for different touch-points makes it almost impossible for companies to deliver upon customer expectations.

Only 4% of service companies can solve a service enquiry using a single application.

The Result: increased operational costs, customer dissatisfaction, and customer churn.

Businesses must transform their service operations to deliver differentiated service experiences that keep their customers satisfied and loyal to their brand, ultimately leading to increased company revenue. The steps along this journey include first unifying agent desktops, processes, and knowledge and then applying an overlay of service intelligence.

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how customer service
strategies are changing in the age of the customer, what is driving new initiatives, and how companies are overcoming challenges to meet increased client expectations.


Top initiatives driving customer service strategy are no longer centred on cost containment; instead, they are focused on delivering better customer experiences:

Customer Expectations For Good Service Have Risen

Customers want an accurate, relevant, and complete answer to their question upon first contact, personalised to their situation. However, companies are hampered by legacy technology and processes that keep them from delivering service excellence. Too often, this leads to ad hoc technology implementations without a clear tie back to the holistic customer experience strategy.


Changing consumer behaviour is forcing companies to redefine the experience that they deliver to their customers. Customer service companies are at the heart of this transformation. Customer service is no longer just a cost, instead, it has the potential to be a powerful brand differentiation for companies that get it right.

Unfortunately, disconnected silos of information impede ideal service delivery. To transform their operations, companies must unify business software solutions and processes to provide consistent and effective experiences, and leverage service
intelligence to personalise interactions. Companies that follow these steps will reap the rewards:

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