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Upgrading from Dynamics NAV

Why Upgrade From Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

If you’re thinking about upgrading from NAV, it is important to see all of the benefits of being up to date with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics i.e. Business Central, and the extended level of functionality means that upgrading has never before delivered so much. 

However the real key factor as to why you should upgrade now, is based around the Windows Client version of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. We know that a high number of our customers currently use their version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a Windows Application, hosted on their PC, and if they were to upgrade, this is how they would want to use their version of Business Central.

6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade From Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The latest version of Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest evolution of the Dynamics NAV product that is trusted and used by over 160,000+ businesses, and more than 2.7 million users.

Business Central brings a slick new interface to the old Dynamics NAV system that has been in use the past few years, making it easier to use, and adding in a range of new productivity tools to make sure the system helps you, not hinders you.

Perpetual to Named Licences

One major benefit to upgrading from NAV to Business Central is the change in licencing. With previous version of NAV, your business would have had to have purchased concurrent licences, and used them throughout your business. With Business Central, Microsoft is moving towards using named user licences.

To help this transition, Microsoft are offering a 3 to 1 licence deal when upgrading before October 2020. This means that for example, if your business currently has 20 concurrent licences, Microsoft will exchange those for 60 named user licences.

On Premise or Cloud

There are two options when moving from NAV to Business Central. You can either choose Business Central Cloud (public or private) or On-Premise. With Cloud, you can go with a public cloud offering, or a private cloud offering which gives you greater control. The choice is entirely yours, and depends on what is going to be the overall best choice for your individual business.

Access to more functionality and apps

Business Central lets you easily tailor and extend the system to meet your business requirements or industry specific needs, through the use of extendable applications. These can be built by partners to complete a number of tasks, including finances, sales and more. Azzure IT has built a series of our own independent applications, that can be added onto any Business Central solution.

New Insights and AI

Being on the most up-to-date version of Dynamics 365 means you receive all the benefits of Microsoft’s latest research and development breakthroughs. These are not always compatible with older versions of NAV, but by being on Business Central, your solution will be able to accommodate all the latest technologies, including Power BI and AI.


Business Central does not only have an increase in functionality, but is also the perfect middle ground between the historic C/AL modifications and the new Business Central extension-based platform. If your business has a lot of customisation built into its solution, then upgrading to Business Central will be the easiest route when it comes to enhancing your system, rather than looking elsewhere and needing to re-do all that customisation.

Cloud or On-Premise?

The first choice to make with your upgrade, is whether to go via the cloud or hosting the solution on premise.

Business Central Version 17

We can accommodate an upgrade to this version of Business Central.

Benefits of cloud technology

Get peace of mind knowing your sensitive business data is stored in highly-secure, state-of-the-art data centres owned and managed by Microsoft. Your data will be there when you need it, thanks to a 99.9 percent up-time service-level agreement (SLA).

Support business growth when you need it without costly changes to your IT infrastructure, including the ability to quickly activate and deploy new users.

Improve IT productivity by reducing the complexity associated with managing hardware and software and providing support. Eliminate the hassle of software maintenance tasks—such as backups, upgrades, and patches—and free up IT staff to focus on strategic planning and other high-priority work items.

Typically, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data has been maintained separately. Dynamics 365 lets you connect this data for a 360-degree view of your business and access it from familiar solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI

Upgrade to Business Central Today

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