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Business challenges survey discussion


We here at Azzure IT carried out a business challenges survey among SME’s to find out what challenges business leaders in this sector face. We aimed to find out which of these challenges were affected by leadership, productivity and time pressures, and looked to discover what methods these businesses were going to use to solve these challenges.

Around three quarters of the businesses that answered the survey said that they were prioritising these topics (productivity etc…), and 75% of the time, these businesses thought it was crucial for them to adopt digital transformation to help resolve some of those challenges.

The survey showed that productivity and performance ranked first and second as the highest challenges that these businesses faced. This came through in the survey because most of the companies surveyed believed that they were so focused on what was happening here and now, and dealing with their current challenges, that they could not take a step back and think about how they could improve going forward.

75% of firms stated that digital transformation and using technology was important to them, however a lot of these companies were shown to be lagging behind and trying to embrace the latest technology to take their business forward. I think a lot of business leaders today have embraced technology within their businesses, but only to a certain level. They’ve embraced what we would call the core elements of technology, such as computerised accounting systems, but they’ve not yet taken to the true benefits of technology and digital transformation, to the extent of introducing mobile working, mobile technology and business intelligence to make better informed decisions.

A large percentage of businesses did say they would commit new or additional resources to putting in new business systems, such as ERP, CRM and accounting systems. Where Azzure IT will fit into this is we take a consultative approach to our client’s needs. We look at what the pains are that the businesses face, we look at the benefits that we can deliver to that business through the use of technology and digital systems. We then advise those businesses on the right improvements to make and what the return on those investments are likely to be.

One of the challenges that came up in the survey was that people didn’t have enough time to look at the challenges and dealing with the use of technology and digital transformation. Our view on this is quite simple and that is, businesses that are successful, are growing, that are doing well, never have enough time to take on additional projects. Our approach to this is to work with those organisations and be able to put in new innovative technology and new systems to improve their business and doing that in a way that impacts the business very lightly. So the project is spread over a number of weeks or a number of months in order to continue business as normal whilst then making improvements in parallel.

I think that some businesses can find it difficult to make the first step in trying to look at how their business can be improved through better use of technology and digital transformation and, it’s quite a significant step to take. However, when businesses first approach us, what we do is understand what their business challenges are. First of all, we identify areas where we can help, where we can make improvements and then we sit down and discuss with the client how those improvements can be made in a timely fashion, but also in a way which delivers the benefits which you require at the right time, with the right amount of input from their side.

Azzure specialises in providing technology and business solutions to different organisations throughout the UK and beyond. One of the things that sets our customers apart from their competition, is that they’re embracing the use of technology to make their business more effective. They also identify that if they don’t do that, then their competitors will be doing it. So, we’ve worked with lots of companies over recent times where we’ve given them a competitive edge over their competition by putting in technology and digital systems to run their business. This helps to make them more effective, to improve their customer service and deliver a leading edge.

In today’s business market place, there are many challenges that businesses face. Technology is moving faster today than it has done five to ten years ago, so now is the time for organisations to embrace what technology is there, to give them that competitive edge. It’s not that long ago that people thought that mobile working and mobile technology was beyond the reach for most small to medium sized organisations. That is now very affordable and very accessible. So all businesses in the small to medium sized sector should be able to give their employees access to their business information on any device, at any time and from any place.

Craig Such, Managing Director

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