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Dynamics 365 (CRM) – The New Unified Interface


What is the Unified Interface and its benefits?

The unified interface has been developed to ensure that users have a consistent experience using D365 across all devices and screen sizes. This means that users of both the web and mobile applications will now have a like for like experience, and with the introduction of model driven apps, system administrators can easily configure apps that only need to be designed once and deploy them across all devices.

Although the system works in exactly the same way as the old interface, there has been a number of cosmetic improvements making it even more intuitive than before. Microsoft have also been working to introduce a range of new features as part of the deployment.

The pick of these new features have been detailed below.

New Features and Improvements

Navigation Improvements

The navigation pane now fits comfortably along the left-hand side of the screen and it can be minimised to offer users even more space to work with records in D365. The recently viewed and pinned record functions have also now moved into the navigation bar for a more seamless experience.

New Quick Create Layout

In the unified interface, the quick create form now opens as a pane from the right hand side of the screen. This means that users can still view and reference information on the record they are working with, while adding new information into D365.

Form Updates

The form updates help users navigate through and find information faster than ever. Users now have the ability to navigate through tabs in a horizontal format. Selecting the required tab will show all the fields, sub grids and other components that are contained within that area. Additionally the reduction of clutter and white space makes the system easier to view and use.

Timeline Layout

The notes, activities and post elements have now been combined into a single work stream in the new timeline function. New filters and visualisations help users sort and navigate through the different record types.

Organisation Charts

Users can now setup organisation charts for account records. This feature can be used to show the management structure of an account in a visual, easy to read format. The organisation chart uses an intuitive drag and drop editor.

How to prepare for the move to the Unified Interface?

As your Microsoft partner, we can help you with your move to the unified interface and provide training on how to get the most out of the new features. For more information about the new unified interface, and how to prepare for the move on 1st October 2020, please contact your Azzure IT account manager.

Or to discuss this with a member of the Azzure IT team, give us a call on 0345 467 9950, or email info@azzure-it.com. 

By Josh Bradley

As you’d expect with Josh being one of Azzure IT’s leading Dynamics CRM Consultants, and an IT guru, he’s acquired many Microsoft Dynamics certifications and always appears to be studying to take another. Josh started his consultancy career path as an apprentice in application delivery and quickly moved to become an Associate Professional, from which point he joined the Azzure consulting team.


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