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Release Notes Dynamics 365 – Spring 2019


Microsoft started publishing advanced Release Notes, as part of their update modernisation of Dynamics 365, back in 2018. It’s important to remember that these 365 Business Central release notes are published several weeks ahead of the new updates being release to the solution.

As of 21st Jan, Microsoft published the Spring 2019 Release Notes. The full scope of all the updates is quite far-reaching and it will take a while to absorb everything in detail, however we’ve extracted a few key points which we feel are of real note.

Application Enhancements – Spring 2019 Release Notes

  • Write longer names and descriptions – you can now enter up to 100 characters (used to be 50) in all Description and Name fields across Business Central.
  • Select multiple items to add to a sales or purchase document – you can now select multiple items at once from the items list to add to sales or purchase documents. On any sales or purchase document, choose the Select Items line action.
  • Use a sales quote validity policy to control when sales quotes expire – you can now set date formula in the Quote Validity Calculation field on the Sales & Receivables Setup page that will be used to calculate the Quote Valid Until Date field on sales quotes.
  • Control item and customer creation from lookups on sales documents – when you enter an item that does not exist on a sales line, you are prompted to either create a new item card or select an existing item. In some cases, such as when importing many new items, this prompts blocks the process. Therefore, you can now select to skip the prompt. On the Inventory Setup page, select the Skip Prompt to Create Item check box.
  • Copy templates used to create customers, vendors, and items – you can now copy existing data templates when you create new ones. Data templates (configuration templates) can be used to quickly create cards for customers, vendors, items, or contacts. To copy an existing data template, choose the Copy Config. Template action on the Config. Template Header page.
  • Merge duplicate customers or vendors – when a duplicate customer or vendor record is created by mistake, you can now merge such duplicate records to a single record.
  • View payment information on customer and vendor statistics FactBoxes – information about payments and last payment dates is now available on customer and vendor statistics FactBoxes.
  • Configure reports for warehouse documents – you can now configure which reports will be printed for warehouse documents such as PickPut-away, and Shipment by using the Report Selection feature as for documents in other areas.
  • List Views – you can now save list views to make it easier to slice and dice data
  • Scrolling in lists – we’ve rewritten how rows are displayed in a list and how they fetch data, improving the initial display time as well as the snappiness of navigating across cells. Users can now scroll unhindered to any position in the list using the keyboard or scroll bar, without ever pausing at the “fetching more rows” message
  • Personalisation Enhancements – some fields are needed only occasionally, while others are so important that business users need them visible at all times. Fields on card and document pages can now be personalized to adjust whether they are hidden until choosing Show more or are displayed in the FastTab summary when the FastTab is collapsed. Combined with the ability to move, hide, and show fields, this provides maximum flexibility to optimize each page for readability. Clicking a field in a FastTab summary will conveniently expand the FastTab and focus on that field.

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