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Jane Payroll

Established to help clients meet the challenges of a new era, the Jane Systems application suite enables flexible, progressive management of all HR and payroll functions.

Jane System puts you in control of your data, enables flexible working and encourages teams to work together, buy into corporate decisions and safeguarding your GDPR compliance. It enables your staff to take responsibility for maintaining their own records via a tailored ‘self-service’ portal, while still giving you oversight and management control.




Payroll is one of the most business critical activities for an organisation; the one function that cannot be inaccurate or delayed and, with almost every organisation, the payroll costs represent a large proportion of their operating overheads. With this in mind, the Jane payroll module has been designed to provide a functionally rich, intuitive, legislatively compliant, secure and cost-effective payroll management system.


HR Portal

Jane’s HR Portal uses browser technology to reach users who normally would not be able to access or use an organisation’s HR systems, enabling data capture, review and analysis by a much wider audience. Using the SharePoint technology from Microsoft, including SharePoint Foundation which is free, the breadth of facilities made available through the combination of technologies allow any HR & Payroll team to present their specific requirements to their operational audience – your staff.


Authorised User Portal

Jane’s Authorised User Portal gives instant access to any information in your Jane HR and Payroll system to key decision makers, such as line managers, empowering them to more effectively manage their ‘team’. Providing these decision makers with the information they require and the tools they need to control it can improve the way they monitor the performance, efficiency and development of their employees leading to major benefits to your organisation as a whole.


Occupational Sickness and Maternity

Every employer has a legal obligation to provide employees with statutory sick pay and most payroll software will calculate their entitlement when you present the dates of absence. However, you may have your own sickness policies in addition to the statutory scheme.


PDF Manager

Jane’s PDF Manager provides a simple but effective way to gather information from pdf documents and transferring it directly to where it needs to go – dramatically reducing time-consuming data entry effort and errors.


Useful Documents

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