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How Microsoft Dynamics can improve operational efficiency?


How Microsoft Dynamics can improve operational efficiency in your business? Many businesses have fallen into the trap of having a mix-and-match set of inefficient business processes and legacy software systems, which leads to several problems that hamper growth, such as a mismatch in data, difficulty linking processes and wasting time and resources trying to fix immediate pain points.

New ERP software, such as Microsoft Dynamics, can often fix these problems, but only if you define which processes you want to improve before making the ERP software selection. Defining your business’s long term goals early on in the ERP project will ensure that you realise business benefits that are directly related to operational efficiency.

Here’s a few examples of areas where businesses often increase efficiency as a result of their ERP project:

 1. Streamline data entry

A Microsoft Dynamics system can fully automate your data entry processes, which is beneficial because manually entering data not only takes a long time, but it puts companies at risk for several other inefficiencies, like accuracy and reliability.

 2. Inventory cycle times

If your business is holding too much inventory, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can help you more accurately predict demand, which can maximise resources and cash flow. Holding too much inventory leads to increased warehousing management tasks, increased costs to hold the inventory, and wasted time managing inventory that might not be sold.

 3. Integrate a CRM solution as well

When you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, many functions are combined all into one platform. This means your employees spend less time researching questions for their clients, less time switching between systems and less time tracking down payments and invoices which leads to an overall increase in operational efficiency.

The automation of manual tasks and the improvement of inefficient processes can result in significant labour cost savings. In addition to this, efficiency can increase your employee’s morale and attitude towards problem solving. While employee morale may be a bit tougher to measure than most business benefits, you can always measure your turnover rate and absentee rate to get a rough idea of your employee’s satisfaction levels at work.


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