How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can improve your competitive advantage
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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can improve your competitive advantage


Even though Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has innovative functionality in areas such as manufacturing, business intelligence and analytics, this functionality is likely to be diluted if your business’s primary goal when implementing it is just to replace your existing system.

You need to ensure that changing ERP systems is going to give your business a competitive advantage, but how can you ensure this? The answer is business process re-engineering.

Business process re-engineering is most effective when conducted before making a decision on a piece of ERP software, as it ensures that your business does not blindly adopt an ERP vendor’s generic industry best practices which might not be appropriate for your unique business goals. It also ensures that when you adopt your best practices after working with a vendor, they are guaranteed to improve your business’s competitive advantage.

In many cases, generic industry best practices will decrease your competitive advantage, because your competitors that have implemented similar systems will be running the same practices, diluting your business’s unique selling points and making you uncompetitive. This is why Azzure IT help custom develop solutions specifically tailored for your business, addressing it’s pain points, and planning for achieving your long-term business goals.

While going through the process of improving your business of improving your business processes, it’s also crucial to actively look for inefficiencies in your customer and revenue related processes to identify any opportunities where you can improve your competitive advantage.

If you’re hoping to develop your competitive advantage to the best it can be through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, then it is vital that you also focus on CRM functionality, as it is critical to the customer experience. Competitive advantage is a high level business benefit that is usually achieved through improving the customer experience, using a tool like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

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