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NMSY Apprenticeship, Medium Employer award – 2017


After leaving school, I sought a part-time IT qualification with a Youth Training Scheme – working from 9.00am to 9.00pm, with a three-hour bus trip, to make it happen.

I was lucky to get an apprenticeship with an ERP provider, Sheffield Computer Group, in 1990. The trainee development programme provided practical work experience, within many different roles, providing me with exposure to all the operational areas and their challenges. This has provided me, throughout my working career, with a focus on client needs and what is realistic operationally. It has also taught me the importance of nurturing and coaching tomorrow’s talent.

I’ve always wanted to be a strong role model and have worked hard to implement a robust culture of training, coaching and mentoring. The management structure of Azzure IT is designed so that knowledge may be passed down from senior positions to emerging roles – facilitating rapid career development. Azzure IT’s corporate values ensure all employees can develop at the company and the paths of in-house progression are well trodden.

Whilst we recruit new employees, we also nurture apprentices to become the next generation of industry experts. That’s why I’m pleased to announce our NMSY Apprenticeship, Medium Employer of the Year 2017 Award, recognising our efforts in fostering future talent.

Craig such, MD




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