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In the now fully digital world we live in, your customers will expect to be able to get in contact with your business whenever they want, on whatever device they have available to them. They also expect this communication to be the same experience across all of these devices. Having a different type of interaction across devices can lead to a bad experience for a customer, who has expected a certain level of service that they have experienced previously, perhaps over the phone.

This is why businesses need to be able to offer this consistent and high level of communication across all of their brands touch points, which is the foundation of omnichannel communication, offering a customer a continuous, branded experience throughout their interaction with your business.

As a business looking to hold on to its customers, the first thing to do is to view your business from a customer’s perspective. How would you like to communicate with your business, and how would having multiple disjointed interactions affect your opinion of your business? The omnichannel approach allows consumers to have a seamless brand experience, as every piece of content, conversation or interaction for each and every channel coming out of your business is unified and branded, and optimised for the channel it is coming out of. This not only makes the customer feel more assured that they are working with a competent business, but also allows them to migrate from channel to channel in a consistent and seamless way.

So how is this method of omnichannel communication adopted?

In order to fully adopt an omnichannel approach, a business must be fully dedicated to delivering the same, high-quality experience across every single customer touchpoint. The messaging coming out of the business must be consistent across all channels, including on the phone, social media accounts, on the website, on any mobile apps and many more.

Omnichannel Communication can be fully achieved and implemented with the Omnichannel for Customer Service for Dynamics 365 application, as part of the Customer Engagement Plan. It is a robust application that extends the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, and enables organisations to instantly connect and engage with their customers through every channel they offer.

It provides a modern, customisable, high-productivity app that allows members of your staff to engage with their customers across multiple different channels, offering customer information, real-time notifications, integrated communications and productivity tools to make sure you are on top of your customer’s needs, offering a consistently quality service across each and every channel coming out of your business.

So if your business is looking to make sure you don’t lose customers based off of one or two bad experiences, embrace the omnichannel communication experience, and make sure that your customers get the same levels of quality each and every time they come to you.


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