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Outgrown your accounting system?


With all those day-to-day pressures, keeping up-to-date with your businesses software requirements is no easy tasks, which could actually be the reason your growth is starting to level off. The question to ask yourself is have you outgrown your accounting system?

In order to run and build a successful business, you need to constantly change, to meet the needs of customers, to grow product or service lines, and to outpace your competitors. Before you know it, your growth isn’t a ‘hockey-stick‘ curve anymore and things are becoming a struggle.

Outgrown your accounting system: Ageing business systems

The degradation of any business system, doesn’t happen overnight or even over a few months, it’s a gradual process that business just end up naturally adapting to over time. Before you realise it, you’ve ended up with a patch-work of software and processes to achieve the end-of-month reporting, or it takes weeks to finalise the management accounts.

Interestingly, studies have shown that a businesses accounting software is often the first to get stretched beyond its limits and the most likely to go unnoticed.  

Business warning signs of outgrowing your accounting system

As your business grows in size and complexity, and your customers expect better and faster service, the tools that once supported you may now be standing in your way. For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), deciding to overhaul your accounting software or business management systems may seem like a daunting task.

If you recognise any of these warning signs, the time has come to make a change:

  • Wasting time dealing with multiple systems that can’t talk to each other.
  • Manual processes are error prone and can’t keep up with increasing demand despite added headcount.
  • Creating and configuring reports is too complicated and often doesn’t give us the information we need.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information creates customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.
  • Increasingly stringent compliance and security concerns keep you up at night.
  • Productivity is lost spending valuable time switching back and forth between multiple applications and disconnected systems.
  • Adding more staff doesn’t really help improve productivity.

The real cost of maintenance

But what is the real cost of trying to maintain a system that is no longer keeping up with demands? Whether the result is lost sales, customer dissatisfaction or compliance risks, failing to update your technology can be a costly decision. Fortunately, replacing your accounting software is easier and more affordable than you may think. If you think you have outgrown your accounting system then please get in touch with us for some free advice.

Guide for replacing accounting software

Access this 9 page guide to learn about the benefits of a modern technology platform, better understand the advantages of a cloud-based solution and know what questions to ask when evaluating your options. The guide will help you evaluate the current state of your accounting and business management systems and processes, and outline considerations you should keep in mind when exploring new solutions.

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If you require help determining the right accounting solution for your business, either as a SaaS or on-premise solution, please contact enquiries@azzure-it.com


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