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A Guide to Microsoft Dynamics for upgrading Accounting Software to ERP

Are you a small to medium sized business looking to implement, upgrade or transfer an existing Accounting Software Solution?

Here’s a quick overview to the accounting challenges and operational issues facing, small to medium sized businesses. We’ll also explain how Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been built specifically as a solution to upgrading accounting software to ERP, in order to tackle core challenges and support business growth.



Upgrading Accounting Software to ERP
Download: A guide to Microsoft Dynamics for upgrading Accounting Software to ERP


Accounting Software to ERP

If your business is using an existing Accounting Software Solution to manage your business, you may be asking yourself whether you now need an end-to-end business solution that can grow and evolve – to support your growth ambitions. Businesses reach a tipping point where the tools that supported their business are now hindering their ability to act with agility and insight.

The good news is, there’s never been a better time to replace an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solution. An Accounting Software to ERP solution, from Microsoft Dynamic 365, will be the next step. In our experience, the four core board-level benefits sought from a Accounting and ERP solution are:

Productivity: time-saving integration, with swift access to all business data – from a single solution

Financial Control: enabling cost control and smarter buying decisions – opportunities for growth and re-investment

Business Insight: built-in business intelligence and reporting features – that puts data into context, to make swift business decisions

Mobility: connected anytime, anywhere any device – with real-time reporting and collaboration tools

Today’s Accounting Software Challenges

There are several common signs that indicate your business has outgrown your existing accounting software: even with more personnel you can’t keep up with growth; you no longer have the control and visibility needed to monitor and track performance; you spend more time being reactive when you need to be proactive; you can’t support a mobile workforce; and customer satisfaction is decreasing because you aren’t meeting expectations.

Outside of accounting employees now unable to manage their growing business

Accounting software works independently, leading to redundant data entry

Disparate systems require people to piece together data in order to see the big picture

Key employees, out of the office, are out of touch

As business expands, so does the scale and complexity of operational processes

Business adds headcount to their operating costs because they can’t keep up

Cross-departmental teams can become frustrated by poor data and technology

Some employees may create or introduce disparate solutions or work rounds that introduce risk

Inaccurate data will lead to poor decision-making and endanger business growth

Growing infrastructure requires more management, training and support than is available


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