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Sales productivity modernised


Being a sales professional in our current age, regardless of your sector, target audience or business size, is no easy feat. There are so many hurdles you need to clear on the way to close those all important deals, in an ever increasingly competitive, data-prolific and always-on marketplace.

So what can a business do to smooth out those hurdles, and give your sales-team running spikes for that all important advantage?

6 strategies to boost productivity

Engaging with buyers who follow a nonlinear customer journey or managing a disconnected collection of sales tools can easily lead to silos, poor collaboration and fragmented sales processes.  

B2B buyers want salespeople who can deliver insights, engage in a fact-based conversation around how their products and services can measurably affect business performance, and pivot the conversation to cover what matters most to them.”

For SMBs, these challenges may seem daunting, but these strategies are focused on how you can modernise your sales process, leverage sale force automation (SFA), and with the right business tools boost productivity and revenue, while building stronger customer connections.

  • Meeting customers at any point in the journey – stay informed about buyer trends and habits. Your SFA needs to provide your sales teams with enriched information of accounts, contact and leads.
  • Implement seamless solutions – streamline your process through a modern hub for productivity, that includes familiar business tools and can be accessed across any device, even while on the go.
  • Enable sharing and collaboration – eliminate internal silos and increase communication and connection with a single business-wide, centralised interface.
  • Streamline engagement – give holistic customer data from multiple digital channels to simplify sales execution and reveal the best prospects, so your sales teams can easily manage stakeholder relationships at scale.
  • Ease on-boarding and alignment –  SFA step-by-step processes that are configured to fit business needs, so new sellers see the specific steps needed to move deals forward. Align your team on best practices through interactive guides and reduce training time with rich, context-sensitive help and an intelligent, event-driven sales process that guides sellers to optimal outcomes.
  • Get holistic performance insights – through powerful measurement and reporting features, helps your team stay on track by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing timely feedback. You can investigate deviations from plan and take corrective action using real-time analytics dashboards that turn data into actionable insights.

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