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Enabling Business Intelligence with 365 Business Central


Enabling business intelligence across your organisation

The first step to enabling business intelligence across your organisation is to unlock the data and make it readily accessible across all areas of the business. To take your organisation to the next level, you need connected data, business analytics and guidance on how best to use them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to see everything your organisation is doing in real time and empowers your workforce to make more informed decisions and achieve greater outcomes for your business.

Discover how you can use business intelligence and insights to better understand your customers and respond to them more efficiently and create a more productive and agile workforce with these effective steps.

Steps to Enabling Business Intelligence

  • Engage Customers
  • Optimise Operations
  • Empower Employees
  • Transform Products

The digital feedback loop

The digital feedback look is the process of harnessing data, understanding it and applying it to transform operations. This is achieved through the use of intelligent business applications and harnessing digital technologies, in other terms, the digital transformation.

The diagram below visually demonstrates the digital feedback loop.

Digital Feedback Loop

Engage Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables businesses to understand customer data and behaviour with intelligent customer insights and CRM, allowing them to more effectively engage with customers and send tailored communications.

Optimise Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect tool that organisations can use to optimise operations. By gathering real-time insights, you can streamline your business processes so they are more efficient and productive.

Empower Employees

Enable business intelligence with the built-in insight capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows employees to make better decisions based on patterns and data, which in turn boosts performance.

Transform Products

Enable business intelligence and harness real data to uncover patters with Dynamics 365 Business Central. By pulling together customer data, seasonal information and purchase patterns, it uncovers crucial insights to enable you to improve products and develop new ones.

Download the full Microsoft Savvy Leader’s Guide to Real-Time Insights to understand how actionable insights can help you understand your customers better and respond to them more quickly, while at the same time creating a more productive and agile workforce.


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