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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalise Your Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365 Marketing lets your team work smarter, and utilise the fully integrated and familiar processes within the Microsoft Dynamics interface. Your business can increase it’s engagement levels with not just your prospects, but your clients as well, by using the data that already exists within your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This lets you create engaging and personalised content, that will resonate with your target audience, all built on a flexible licensing structure.

Key Capabilities

Create and nurture leads

Generate more sales-ready leads by running targeted, multi-channel campaigns and personalising buyers’ journeys.


Align sales & marketing

Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and connected processes.

Make smart decisions

Improve marketing performance with AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards.

Grow With an Adaptable Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to easily integrate all of your data from Dynamics 365, any third-party apps and other systems your business may have used or still be using. This lets you keep all of your data in one location, having every member of your team working from the same source, and making sure nothing is missed or entered twice.

Dynamics 365 Marketing also allows businesses to enhance their marketing campaigns and inform their target segments with customer journey and segment APIs. These can be used to integrate directly with Dynamics 365 Marketing and external systems as well.

Personalise Buyer Experiences to Increase Demand

Make sure that the marketing campaigns your team puts their effort into attract the right prospects by running targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns, with marketing automation capabilities that include email, telemarketing, events and LinkedIn integration.

Plan and execute customer journeys based on your prospects buying behaviour and preferences to engage with the right message, from the right channel. Send personalised, contextual emails to the same contact as their journey with your business evolves, touching them through every marketing way possible.

Dynamics 365 Marketing includes the capacity to create campaign assets quickly and easily, with marketing automation features, reusable content blocks, and design tools.

Align Sales and Marketing

Help your Sales and Marketing team become aligned with each other, by connecting your Dynamics 365 Marketing app with Dynamics 365 Sales. This will create a single view of all prospects, customers and leads for your team to work on, and unifies data across contacts, leads and customers.

Identify and close your top accounts with personalised, account-based content and nurturing activities, and track and prioritise leads across all available touch-points with lead-scoring models.

Increase the productivity levels of marketing and sales with pre-built workflows that automatically hand over sales-ready leads and drive follow-ups.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

To discuss further how Dynamics 365 Marketing can help your marketing and sales team generate more leads, and close more business, please fill in the contact form here, and a member of the Azzure IT team will be in contact shortly.








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