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Choosing an implementation partner should be just that, entering a partnership, this decision will make the difference between success and failure. We make it our business to understand yours, so we can provide a solution that enables effective decision-making, business intelligence and empowers your business to achieve your goals.

Azzure IT are a services-lead business, and aim to do everything we can for our customers. Below are a few services we offer, and methodology’s that we strive to abide by, to produce the best service possible.

Consultancy and Implementation Services

Whether you’re looking to implement for the first time, update an existing solution or gain consultancy and support — we’re a trusted provider, the leading UK Microsoft ‘Gold Partner’, for small to medium sized businesses.

You’ll want to explore the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics. We’ll help you meet the unique needs of your organisation with a modern business platform that makes it easy to be agile.

We’ll enable greater productivity by seamlessly connecting your people, processes and insight. You’ll also want a consultancy that identifies the right solution for your industry sector.

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Digital Transformation

When we talk about digital transformations, we’re referring to adapting business processes to incorporate digital technology and commercial approaches.

It used to take a company years to be worth a billion pounds, now it can take just two, and industry commentators have stated that in this age of disruption the future belongs only to the agile.

SureStep Methodology

The Sure Step Methodology is a comprehensive client engagement methodology – outlining the best practice processes necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions. It is an end-to-end customer life cycle which describes the standardised processes and disciplines necessary to implement Dynamics solutions.

Sure Step is structured as a general methodology with a product-specific layer for each Dynamics product, providing guideline and best practices to help successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

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