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Simplifying Dynamics with Jet Reports


Having the ability to make quick, informed decisions is essential to a business. Jet Reports is the original Microsoft Dynamics Excel add-in that allows Business Central users to pull together fast, financial and business reporting inside of Microsoft Excel from all live Microsoft Dynamics operational data, in the format that works for you.

No matter where you are, Jet Reports functionality can pull extensive business reports and financial statements with ease. It can also help automate your manual processes and open the door to new avenues of data management and financial reporting. This helps minimise time spent on data management and financial reporting.

Jet Reports allows your management team to view key performance metrics across all areas of your company in real-time with live updates. Your sales team can easily build product sheets that allow the company to instantly update current prices and specifications.

Among an extensive list of benefits that come with Jet Reports is the ability to eliminate errors. Jet Reports pulls data directly into Excel, so you feel confident you’re getting the right data and workbook. Furthermore, it’s quick and easy to begin building reports immediately in a collaboration and publishing platform.

In addition, Jet Reports also helps maximise your business’ ROI. With pre-built templates and data warehouse dashboards, you can create your reports quickly, saving time and giving you valuable business insights within minutes.

Jet Reports has a low cost of ownership with a customisation platform that is 5x faster than manual coding. It also has complete Data Warehouse Automation and is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics, connecting seamlessly to Microsoft SQL database.

Jet Reports is designed specifically for Business Users. You can view data inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI for analytics in a familiar environment, as well as being able to access dashboards and reports on the go from a mobile device. It’s the ideal solution to achieve advanced operational and financial reporting inside of Excel with integration into your existing solutions.

Discover more about how Jet Reports can help your business, here.

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