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Support Service Standards

We understand that businesses differ and operations vary — that’s why we’ve built flexibility into our support service. Enhanced support hours are available on an ad-hoc basis, should you need cover for a crucial business period or annually, for consistent peace of mind.

Standard Hours are Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm*
* Excluding UK Bank Holidays

Our service levels and approach

Our aim is always respond to your issues quickly and efficiently – your support request will be prioritised according to the urgency and severity of the problem and the impact on your business.

We will aim to respond within the criteria as highlighted below.


(Max Response : 8 hours |Target Resolution : 10 working days )
You have some questions or queries
You are wanting “how to” help and guidance
You have a low priority training request.


(Max Response : 2 hours |Target Resolution : 1 day )
Existing functionality is failing
Development functionality has failed and you require help
You have a requirement for general help or support.


(Max Response : 1 hour |Target Resolution : 8 hours)

One team or department is unable to complete vital time-sensitive processes

System Down

(Max Response : 15 minutes |Target Resolution : System access within 4 hours )

You are unable to access the solution
You are unable to complete vital time-sensitive processes that are affecting the whole business

Escalation process

To ensure your issue is handled in a timely and professional manner, all support issues are monitored and tracked by a team leader through to resolution. Our Support Desk also has an in-built escalation procedure, which monitors calls and alerts the most relevant member of the team:

Support Manager | Quality Manager | Service Director

Measuring satisfaction

We hope your customer experience with Azzure IT matches up to expectations. We use the NPS score system to monitor how well we are doing with our customers. More about NPS score can be seen here

Support FAQ & Definitions

What is a support call?

Our Support Team offer break or fix support. This is to say, if something in your solution has stopped working, where it used to work fully, then we’re here to help.

When does a support service begin?

Unless you’ve secured specific and different terms of sale, your support service begins immediately once you’ve placed your order and made your initial payment. We would hope that support, in the early days at least, isn’t something you’re likely to need.

Remote Support

When we want to use remote control or to view your desktop, we’ll do so using our Connect Solution. Connect ( is a fast, reliable and secure remote support, access and meeting tool. We use this to remote support and access your machines. We access all of our client machines using this tool, be it Mac, Windows or Linux. It uses a little secure add-on that is installed on the local machine that we wish to remote control.

During Implementation

Once you begin your project, you’ll be actively working with your Project Manager and the Consultancy Team. You can contact the support team, but if there are specifics or general learning queries, these will be best handled by your Project Manager and Account Manager. As soon as you’re live, support will become your primary contact for help, problems, and queries on your new system.

Solution Amendments

Amendments to any system, such as new functionality, are excluded from support and managed by Account Managers. We carefully document amendments to objects or elements to ensure that changes can be supported going forward.

Training Requirements

Training is managed by your Account Manager, to ensure adequate educational support is in place for your team. We do not provide training via support. If you’re in need of help, we’ll always try to help but your request will be subject to the ‘Query’ SLA.