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Time to Move from Accounting Software to ERP?


Microsoft Dynamics, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, is ideal for an upgrade from a specialist accounting package. It will take the stress out of month-end reporting whilst simplifying the entire journey, with business process automations. ERP can also deliver a paradigm shift in productivity, business intelligence, mobility and financial empowerment.

In today’s fast-changing economy organisations must work hard to manage their cash-flow. For example, you can easily create centralised reports to monitor cash-in-hand, forecast cash needs and create budgets. You can also monitor customer accounts, days outstanding, collections and routinely send automated e-statements to customers.

Consistent, real-time financial intelligence is essential to making effective board-level decisions – that drives productivity and intelligent cost management. A business solution from Microsoft Dynamics combines the power of an ERP system with everyday productively tools within Office 365.

  •  Simplify financial management
  • Maximise profit and potential investment
  • Exploit the cloud – scale up and down as you need to
  • Adapt easily to regulatory change
  • Gain intelligence from data

When an organisation expands its operations, fragmented applications, that would have originally empowered the business, will now hinder its ability to adapt and grow. A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will enable a business to exploit the latest innovations in cloud computing, business intelligence and mobile working.

In today’s fast pace world, a growing business must seek an adaptive solution that can flex as the business grows and operations evolve.

  •  Waste too much time dealing with multiple systems that can’t talk to each other
  • Manual processes are error prone and can’t keep up with demand – despite headcount
  • Creating and configuring reports it too complicated, and often doesn’t give us the information we need
  • Incomplete or incorrect information creates customer dissatisfaction and lost sales
  • Increasingly stringent compliance and security concerns keep you up at night
  • Productivity is lost spending valuable time switching back and forth between applications

Azzure IT sell and deploy Microsoft business software solutions. The software can run a business end-to-end – from initial inquiry, sales, resource planning, distribution, customer service, project management, financial management and more.


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