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‘Vast majority’ of firms set to focus on Digital Transformation


Research conducted by a leading Sheffield-based tech firm has found that almost three-quarters of businesses in the UK will prioritise improving existing ways of working when investing in IT in the next 12 months.

A ‘business challenges’ survey, carried out by digital transformation specialists Azzure IT, found that 73.1% of small to medium-sized businesses across the region felt that enhancing the way they operate was crucial to business development – and was more of a priority than meeting new market opportunities or reacting to fresh operational challenges.

Almost 75% of the 208 firms also felt that digital transformation was either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to meeting current boardroom challenges.

Craig Such, managing director of Azzure IT, said: “Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of our economy and our research reflects business sentiment towards digital transformation.

“To find that such a vast majority of firms in our region feel digital transformation – and improving existing ways of working – is crucial to moving forwards into the digital age, and is encouraging and welcome news, but nonetheless the next step is passing on the expertise these firms need to make the jump.

“However, the figure also still means that a quarter of the businesses we invited to take part in the survey do not feel that digital transformation is important, and the same amount will not be prioritising the enhancement of existing ways of working – meaning there’s still work to be done to get both high on the list of priorities for businesses in the UK.”

In addition, productivity, or process performance (people) was found to be the number one challenge which organisations are set to face in the coming 12 months – with more than two thirds (72.2%) of firms saying they are well-placed to tackle the challenge.

Sam Christmas, of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, said: “Seeing positive business attitudes in our region when it comes to taking on challenges, combined with the emphasis on digital transformation, puts our regional economy in a strong position when it comes to taking action, taking further steps into the digital age and modern working practices.”

Azzure IT is the digital transformation consultancy for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner, in the UK. It delivers digital solutions that can connect and automate accounting, manufacturing, operations, purchasing, supply-chain, sales and marketing.

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