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You walk into the reception of a business you have never been to before, and have to ask the receptionist how you sign in, fill in the old sign-in book, and then wait for the receptionist to go and get the person you are there to see.

This is a very time-consuming and outdated process, making a poor impression on the visitor, and setting a bad tone for the whole visit. This can be changed however, by automating the process using some Microsoft technology.

Here at Azzure IT, we have fixed this problem. We have developed a Visitor Sign In Power App using Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows you to ditch the pen and paper, and capture your visitor’s details on a tablet, which then gets stored directly into D365.

Visitor Sign In App

The Power App is built using D365 as the source database, a custom entity has been created within D365 to store the following customer information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Who are you visiting?
  • Time in and Time out
Visitor Sign In App Second Screen

Once the visitor signs in they will see an acknowledgment on the screen (below) to let them know the team member will be with them shortly.

Visitor Sign In App Last Page

We haven’t stopped there either. The member of staff still needs to be informed about their visitor arriving without the receptionist needing to traipse through the office to tell them, which is why we have solved that problem as well. Using Power Automate, when the user signs in and selects who they are visiting, a Microsoft Teams notification is sent, notifying them their visitor is in reception.

Visitor Sign In App Welcome

The Customer Visit entity within your Dynamics 365 system will be updated automatically, so you can easily and clearly see which visitors are currently signed in.

Once the Visitor is ready to leave the sign out process takes 3 simple steps

  • Click Sign out
  • Find your name
  • Submit

This App was built by integrating 4 of Microsoft technologies:

  • D365
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Teams

This Power App could be extended/modified to allow your staff members sign in and out as well, which would give you a full view of all people who are in the building.

This becomes a major benefit of the Visitor Sign In App, as it can then be used as a Fire Safety log book to track all your visitors currently on site, in case of a fire or another hazard.

If you would like to discuss this Visitor Sign In Power App with us, and how it could benefit your business, please get in touch with our team.

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