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What is Digital Transformation (Industry 4.0)?


Industry 4.0

Firstly, let’s look at transformation; this is not the usual changes we expect, it is fundamental and affects the foundations of a business – from its operating model to infrastructure. What they sell, to whom and how they go to market. A transformation affects the way you purchase, human resources, services, technology, sales and marketing.

Business build and develop products and services, move in to new markets, merge or acquire competitors – major changes but not necessarily transformative. Businesses don’t transform because it is expensive and risky; businesses go through transformational change usually when they fail to evolve.

There are three key drivers to transformation: changing market demands, technology and competition. A convergence of these factors bring about drastic changes in a market. When any of these factors occur simultaneously, and the business model becomes unfit to serve its customers, they have reached a tipping point. Note: the trick is to spot opportunities before they become a tipping point.


With profound digital changes occurring, businesses will fail if they don’t engage now. I’ve never seen the pace and level of change that we are going through; and because of that, we talk about this being the ‘fourth industrial revolution’


Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of our economy. We’ve heard a lot about the productivity problem affecting the whole of the UK. Where will the next wave of productivity improvements come from? For growing but smaller businesses the digital has now become a commercial leveller and the opportunities are now huge.

What does that mean? This could be anything from mobile working, communication, collaboration tools, digital marketing to enterprise resource planning, ecommerce and customer relationship management. And, we’ll showcase how the next generation of smart digital solutions will transform your world.

  • smarter business decisions
  • empowering employees
  • streamlining processes
  • differentiating your service
  • improving mobility
  • innovation and agility

At Azzure IT, we work with our clients to see what is coming and help them evolve to meet it. We bring new products and services to our clients that they can envision the future, so they can be ready for it and lead it. To accelerate your digital transformation you need a new type of business application. One that breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP, that’s powered by data and intelligence and helps capture new business opportunities. That’s Microsoft Dynamics.


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