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When to make the switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central?


When to make the switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central? There is no urgent rush to move to Business Central and we will work with you to plan the best timescales and path for your business to make that move.

As some people are aware, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new name for the next version of Dynamics NAV. Available in two different forms; Cloud and On-Premise, we have a solution that is suitable for all Customers.

As part of the transition to Business Central, either Cloud or On-Premise, licensing changes from concurrent users to named users. This is a key consideration for Customers.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud solution is aimed at businesses who want a shared public cloud offering but it does have some limitations around integration and customisation capability.

For those customers who currently use Dynamics NAV and any customisation or configuration, you can easily upgrade to Business Central On-Premise (Also available through Private Cloud / Hosted delivery).   This means that you keep all your customisations/configurations when making a move to the latest version of the solution.

Business Central Cloud is only available through Subscription payment but there are two licensing options for Customers with Business Central On-Premise:

  1. Remain on a perpetual license model where you pay an upfront license fee for new users and a lower ongoing annual fee or
  2. Move to a monthly subscription model. There is license transition pricing for Customers that choose to move from perpetual licensing to the subscription model

We envisage that some customers will be keen to switch to Dynamics Business Central but for others, this could be quite a way into the future. We are ready to work with you at a pace that suits your business and your requirements.

Please discuss this further with your Account Manager who can help you plan when it is best for you to migrate and how that can be achieved.

What is Business Central?

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